2019 publications

Evaluating the impact of patient and carer involvement in suicide and self-harm research: A mixed-methods, longitudinal study protocol
Littlewood DL, Quinlivan L, Steeg S, Bennett C, Bickley H, Rodway C, Webb RT, Kapur N

Learning from clinicians’ views of good quality practice in mental healthcare services in the context of suicide prevention: A qualitative study
Littlewood D, Quinlivan L, Graney J, Appleby L, Turnbull P, Webb RT, Kapur N

Current and potential contributions of community pharmacy teams to self-harm and suicide prevention: a qualitative interview study
Gorton HC, Littlewood DL, Spreadbury M, Wong KL, Gooding P, Ashcroft DM

Interventions to Improve Discharge from Acute Adult Mental Health Inpatient Care to the Community: Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis
Tyler N, Wright N, Waring J

Never events in general practice: a focus group study exploring the views of English and Scottish general practitioners of ‘never events’
Morris RL, Cheraghi-Sohi S, Bowie P, Esmail A, de Wet C, Campbell S

Prevalence of comorbid mental and physical illnesses and risks for self-harm and premature death among primary care patients diagnosed with fatigue syndromes
Carr MJ, Ashcroft DM, White PD, Kapur N, Webb RT

Never Events in UK General Practice: A Survey of the Views of General Practitioners on Their Frequency and Acceptability as a Safety Improvement Approach
Stocks SJ, Alam R, Bowie P, Campbell S, de Wet C, Esmail A, Cheraghi-Sohi S

Capturing Patients’ Perspectives on Medication Safety: The Development of a Patient-Centered Medication Safety Framework
Giles SJ, Lewis, PJ, Phipps, DL, Mann, F, Avery, AJ, Ashcroft, DM