About us

The National Institute for Health and Care Research Greater Manchester Patient Safety Research Collaboration (NIHR GM PSRC) aims to make health and care systems safer, especially for individuals, families, and communities with the greatest need for improvement.

We do this through carrying out innovative research in partnership with patients, staff, and those in contact with health and social care, so their lived experiences are at the very core of our research. We believe this will lead to better outcomes for individuals while improving the ability of health and social care staff to deliver safer care.

There are 6 PSRCs located across England. Learn more on the NIHR website.

We deliver our vision by:

A PPIE group meeting.

Working closely with patients, public and care providers…

to develop new patient safety interventions to improve safety across health and care systems.

Healthcare staff listen to a patient's experiences during changes to treatment plan.

Assessing the impact…

of making major changes to the way care is delivered. This includes identifying whether the changes impact patient safety either positively or negatively.

Junior doctor in a hospital.

Working with health and social care staff…

from partner organisations to train researchers so they have the skills to continue developing patient safety interventions in the future.

Healthcare worker talking to a refugee.

Increasing the impact of our research…

by working with NHS England and other key organisations to deliver good value interventions that are ready to be rolled out. In particular, this will help to address patient safety inequalities faced by those who are underserved by health and social care services.

Healthcare workers attending a seminar.

Supporting patients, carers and health and social care professionals…

to use the patient safety interventions developed, increasing impact.

Our work addresses the strategic patient safety challenges identified by NHS England to improve the safety of care for health and social care services in England. Learn more about our research.

The research builds on the success of the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (GM PSTRC).

Who we are

Our NIHR-funded collaboration is a partnership between:

  • Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust
  • The University of Manchester
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Leicester.

Our collaboration works closely with charities, industry and other research organisations across Greater Manchester and the East Midlands. This allows us to deliver research that makes a real difference to health and social care. It also means the improvements and interventions can be rolled out across health and social care as soon as possible.

NIHR funds projects across England to carry out research, and this is known as NIHR infrastructure. GM PSRC is part of this infrastructure. Learn more in the below video:


Our research

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Our people

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