2021 publications

Co-designing an Adaption of a Mobile App to Enhance Communication, Safety, and Well-being Among People Living at Home With Early-Stage Dementia: Protocol for an Exploratory Multiple Case Study
Davies K, Ong BN, Cheraghi-Sohi S, Perryman K, Sanders C

Understanding the implementation, impact and sustainable use of an electronic pharmacy referral service at hospital discharge: A qualitative evaluation using Strong Structuration Theory
Jeffries M, Keers RN, Belither H, Sanders C, Gallacher K, Alqenae F, Ashcroft DM

Suicide and other causes of death among working-age and older adults in the year after discharge from inpatient mental health care in England: a matched cohort study
Musgrove R, Carr MJ, Kapur N, Chew-Graham CA, Mughal F, Ashcroft DM, Webb RT

Risk factors for non-fatal self-harm and suicide among adolescents: two nested case-control studies conducted in the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink
Cybulski L, Ashcroft DM, Carr MJ, Garg Shruti, Chew-Graham CA, Kapur N, Webb RT

Developing Best Practice Guidance for Discharge Planning Using the RAND/UCLA Appropriateness Method
Tyler N, Planner C, Byrne M, Blakeman T, Keers R, Wright O, Pascall Jones P, Giles S, Spencer R, Keyworth C, Hodkinson A, Taylor CDJ, Armitage CJ, Campbell S, Panagioti M

Advancing Mental heaLth Provision In PHarmacY (AMPLIPHY): a feasibility study
Gorton HC, Riste L, Littlewood D, Pickering G, Armitage CJ, Ashcroft DM

Implementing prescribing safety indicators in prisons: a mixed methods study
Abuzour AS, Magola-Makina E, Dunlop J, O’Brien A, Khawagi W, Ashcroft DM, Brown P, Keers RN

Temporal trends in primary care-recorded self-harm during and beyond the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: time series analysis of electronic healthcare records for 2.8 million patients in the Greater Manchester Care Record
Steeg S, Bojanic L, Tilston G, Williams R, Jenkins DA, Carr MJ, Peek N, Ashcroft DM, Kapur N, Voorhees J, Webb RT

Improving Mental Health Care Transitions through Information Capture during Admission to Inpatient Mental Health Services: A Quality Improvement Study
Tyler N, Wright N, Gregoriou K, Waring J

Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on diabetes health checks and prescribing for people with type 2 diabetes: a UK-wide cohort study involving 618,161 people in primary care
Carr MJ, Wright AK, Leelarantha L, Thabit H, Milne N, Kanumilli N, Ashcroft DM, Rutter MK

Visual Impairment and medication safety: a protocol for a scoping review
Giles SJ, Panagioti M, Riste L, Cheraghi-Sohi S, Lewis P, Adeyemi I, Davies K, Morris R, Phipps D, Dickinson C, Ashcroft D, Sanders C

Acceptability of a Brief Web-Based Theory-Based Intervention to Prevent and Reduce Self-harm: Mixed Methods Evaluation
Keyworth C, O’Connor R, Quinlivan L, Armitage CJ

Evaluating the safety of mental health related prescribing in UK primary care: a cross-sectional study using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)
Khawagi W, Steinke D, Carr MJ, Wright AK, Ashcroft DM, Avery A, Keers RN

Beyond the control of the care home: A conceptual review of qualitative studies of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) in residential and nursing homes for older people
Daker-White G, Panagioti M, Giles S, Blakeman T, Moore V, Hall A, Pascall Jones P, Wright O, Shears B, Tyler N, Campbell S

Effects of the first COVID-19 lockdown on quality and safety in mental health care transitions in England
Tyler N, Daker-White G, Grundy A, Quinlivan L, Armitage C, Campbell S, Panagioti M

Comparative four year risk and type of hospital admission among homeless and housed emergency department attendees
Moss C, Sutton M, Cheraghi-Sohi S, Sanders C, Allen T

Incidence, origins and avoidable harm of missed opportunities in diagnosis: longitudinal patient record review in 21 English general practices
Cheraghi-Sohi S, Holland F, Singh H, Danczak A, Esmail A, Morris R, Small N, Williams R, de Wet C, Campbell SM, Reeves D

Regulating Patient Safety during Hospital Discharge: Casting the Patient Safety Commissioner as the Representative of Order
Moore, V

“Relieved to be seen” – patient and carer experiences of mental health assessment in the emergency department following self-harm: qualitative analysis of 102 free-text survey responses
Quinlivan L, Gorman L, Littlewood D, Monaghan E, Barlow SJ, Campbell S, Webb RT, Kapur N

“Wasn’t offered one, too poorly to ask for one”– Reasons why some patients do not receive a psychosocial assessment following self-harm: Qualitative patient and carer survey
Quinlivan L, Gorman L, Littlewood D, Monaghan E, Barlow SJ, Campbell S, Webb RT, Kapur N

Impact of COVID-19 on the diagnosis, HbA1c monitoring and mortality in people with type 2 diabetes: a UK-wide cohort study involving 13 million people in primary care
Carr MJ, Wright A, Leelarathna L, Thabit H, Milne N, Kanumilli N, Ashcroft DM, Rutter MK

Temporal trends in annual incidence rates for neurodevelopmental disorders, mental illnesses and self-harm among children and adolescents in the United Kingdom: a population-based primary care cohort study
Cybulski L, Ashcroft DM, Carr MJ, Garg S, Chew-Graham CA, Kapur N, Webb RT

The Evaluation of an e-Learning Prescribing Course for General Practice
Salema N, Clement N, Hysenagolli R, Hibberd R, Bell BG, Gookey G, Avery A, Knox R

What challenges do UK adults face when adhering to COVID-19-related instructions? Cross-sectional survey in a representative sample
Keyworth C, Epton T, Byrne-Davis L, Leather JZ, Armitage CJ

The role of Non-Technical Skills in community pharmacy practice: an exploratory review of the literature
Ashour A, Phipps D, Ashcroft D

Mind the Gap: Examining Work-As-Imagined and Work-As-Done in dispensing medication in the Community Pharmacy setting
Ashour A, Ashcroft DA, Phipps D

Protocol for a non-randomised feasibility study evaluating a codesigned patient safety guide in primary care
Morris RL, Gallacher K, Hann M, Rolfe C, Small N, Giles S, Sanders C, Campbell S

What does safety in mental healthcare transitions mean for service users and other stakeholder groups: An open-ended questionnaire study
Tyler, N, Wright N, Panagioti M, Grundy A, Waring J

Exploring the experiences of changes to support access to primary health care services and the impact on the quality and safety of care for homeless people during the COVID-19 pandemic: a study protocol for a qualitative mixed methods approach
Howells K, Burrows M, Amp M, Brennan R, Yeung WL, Jackson S, Dickinson J, Draper J, Campbell S, Ashcroft D, Blakeman T, Sanders C

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on primary care-recorded mental illness and self-harm episodes in the UK: a population-based cohort study
Carr M, Steeg S, Webb R, Kapur N, Chew-Graham C, Abel K, Hope H, Pierce M, Ashcroft D